Cleaning Supplies in Yuba City, CA

cleaning-2Having a clean home means having a happy home! Unfortunately, cleaning supplies are some of the most expensive essentials you need to buy for your household. Stretch-A-Buck aims to help you cut those costs as much as possible, so you can live comfortably without breaking your budget on cleaning supplies in Yuba City, CA.

From sponges and paper towels, to brand-name cleaning products for your kitchen, bath and general use, we aim to supply you with all of the essentials for a clean home. Best of all, everything we stock is priced to move! We promise that by shopping for cleaning products with us, you’ll gain access to great deals that just can’t be found anywhere else.

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A Full Range of Cleaning Supplies

You rely on cleaning products each and every day in your home. Our store aims to provide you with all of the essential discount cleaning supplies in Yuba City, CA you need to keep things sparklingly clean throughout your living space. Our affordable products include:

Whether you’re someone who cleans a little every day or who takes the time for a deep clean every week or two, make sure you’re stocking up on supplies at Stretch-A-Buck! We’ll keep your cleaning closet full, so you can live in comfort.

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Discounts for Everyone

cleaning-1A clean home shouldn’t come at a high cost. At Stretch-A-Buck, it doesn’t! All of our cleaning supplies is discounted to help our customers maintain a clean home at a great cost. Plus, each product we stock is ready to get the job done—no watered-down cleaners or one-ply paper towels here! We promise the best value for your dollar, with cleaning supplies suited for your home’s needs.

Stop in the next time you’re out shopping for cleaning supplies in Yuba City, CA and are looking for a great deal. Or, give us a call at 530-674-2275 to learn more about our extensive inventory of cleaning products in stock.

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